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Our investment experts share insights into our house view and macro trends. Read our latest investment updates here. 

Premier league investment management: applying attack and defence tactics
20 May 2024 in Investing

Discover why now is the right time to include both attack and defensive stocks within your investment portfolio. Find out more.

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Our investment outlook for May 2024

In our latest Investment Outlook we evaluate the accuracy of our predictions for 2024 while discussing the prospect of a global recession and fluctuations in inflation and interest rates.

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Navigating opportunities: the resilience and potential of the Alternative Investment Market

What reasons are there to be optimistic in investing in the Alternative Investment Market. Find out more. 

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Investing in gilts for tax-efficient returns

Discover how short-dated UK government bonds (gilts) offer tax-efficient returns in our Gilts Portfolio Service. Our wealth planners can help you find out more.

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Opportunities in investment trusts
3 May 2024 in Investing

The impact that rising interest rates has had on investment trusts – and the potential opportunities arising for investors investing in investment trusts.

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Spring webinar: Can ongoing economic volatility actually accelerate investment portfolios?
29 April 2024 in Investing

Watch our latest video to learn if ongoing economic volatility can accelerate investment portfolio returns 

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Investment involves risk and you may not get back what you invest. It’s not suitable for everyone.

Investment involves risk and is not suitable for everyone.