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Our insights hub covers a variety of key topics from the investment world such as retirement and pension planning, wealth and tax planning, ESG investing, investment market updates and the latest global economy and market news.

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Tax planning for high earners
17 July 2024 in Wealth/financial planning

Our experts explore tax planning strategies for high earners to help achieve their financial goals, build a retirement income & pass on wealth effectively.

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How family succession planning could help protect your family’s future
11 July 2024 in Wealth/financial planning

Thinking about how best to pass on your wealth? If so, our Adam and Company independent financial planners suggest asking yourself these four important questions

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Don’t score a financial own goal: here’s some financial planning tips to stick to
11 July 2024 in Wealth/financial planning

Can’t stick to your financial goals? We’ve outlined five key fiscal resolutions, which are realistic and easy to measure. Use these ideas to help you become the best goalkeeper you can.

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Trusts for estate planning: what, when and how?
9 July 2024 in Wealth/financial planning

Andrew Chastney, technical specialist, Canaccord Wealth Management discusses the details of trusts, the specifics of setting one up, and how they can work for and benefit certain individuals.

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A seismic shift in UK politics - stability in asset markets
5 July 2024 in Latest investment outlook

As the dust begins to settle on the 2024 UK general election, Tom Becket analyses the immediate and longer-term impact on UK asset markets.

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All change for our government… but no change for UK asset markets?
25 June 2024 in Latest investment outlook

In a year when many big countries go to the polls to vote, will the upcoming UK general election have much of an impact on markets?

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Investment involves risk and you may not get back what you invest. It’s not suitable for everyone.

Investment involves risk and is not suitable for everyone.