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Global economies & markets

Our Chief Investment Office and experts share insights into our house view and macro trends.

Investment Outlook – November 2023

Read our latest Investment Outlook to learn how we are identifying key investment opportunities while navigating through the economic turbulence.

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Webinar: how recent market uncertainty and the current economic outlook can offer attractive investment opportunities

Watch Richard Champion and Thomas Becket, from our Chief Investment Office, as they evaluate the prospects for clients in an era where interest rates have risen and returns on cash and cash-like investments have improved.

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Diversification in investing? Go global
8 September 2023 in Investing, Global economies & markets

Our Chief Investment Officer, Michel Perera, discusses the importance of diversifying your portfolio and where opportunities may arise.

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Budget 2023: balancing caution with surprise

As the Chancellor announces the abolition of the pension lifetime allowance from 6 April 2023 what might this mean for you?

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Investment outlook 2023
15 December 2022 in Global economies & markets, Investing

Thomas Becket from our Chief Investment Office shares the investment outlook for 2023, and what this means for investors. 

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Webinar: what lies ahead - transatlantic views on a world of investment opportunities
30 November 2022 in Global economies & markets, Investing

Thomas Becket, from our chief investment office, caught up with Canaccord Genuity’s US-based Chief Market Strategist, Tony Dwyer, for a transatlantic discussion on the changing face of the global investment environment.

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Investment involves risk and you may not get back what you invest. It’s not suitable for everyone.

Investment involves risk and is not suitable for everyone.