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Our insights hub covers a variety of key topics from the investment world such as retirement and pension planning, wealth and tax planning, ESG investing, investment market updates and the latest global economy and market news.

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Opportunities in investment trusts
3 May 2024 in Investing

The impact that rising interest rates has had on investment trusts – and the potential opportunities arising for investors investing in investment trusts.

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Is cash flow modelling right for you?

Read how cash flow planning and specialist advice can help you make financial choices with confidence. No matter what your circumstances, you will have essential costs, both certain and unexpected, to meet now and in years to come. Cash flow planning takes account of unknowns such as inflation rates, and makes assumptions, to help you look into the future.

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Making your money meaningful

We want you to achieve meaningful outcomes from your wealth – this is central to our wealth planning philosophy and leads us to the question: what is your money for?

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Are you up to date with the latest pension rule changes?

Pensions are among the most tax-efficient ways to invest for your future. But pension rules are complex – and the most recent changes in legislation have made them even more challenging. What do the new rules mean, and could you benefit from them?

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Spring webinar: Can ongoing economic volatility actually accelerate investment portfolios?
29 April 2024 in Investing

Watch our latest video to learn if ongoing economic volatility can accelerate investment portfolio returns 

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Should I move additional cash into investments?

With inflation falling and interest rates currently on hold, is now a good time to consider investments over cash savings?

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Investment involves risk and you may not get back what you invest. It’s not suitable for everyone.

Investment involves risk and is not suitable for everyone.