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Specialist wealth management services

We also offer the following specialist wealth management services, which may be ideal for your needs. In some instances we will suggest a third party option, depending on what we agree is best for your circumstances.

Family services

We can suggest and implement tax-effective ways to manage your family wealth, such as setting up an open-ended investment company (OEIC) or unit trust. We will then agree a bespoke strategy to manage the investments within it.

Foreign exchange (FX)

If you need to buy or sell currency we can provide an efficient, transparent and competitive multi-bank FX trading service in 25 currencies.

ESG Portfolio Service

If you are looking for more ethical or environmentally conscious investments, our ESG (environmental, social and governance) Portfolio Service offers you a more thoughtful approach to investing while still working hard for your long-term security. Learn more about our ESG Portfolio Service.

Smaller company investing

Experience shows that small companies (small caps) can offer impressive investment opportunities. However, they are overlooked by many wealth management companies, who may lack the expertise and experience to evaluate small businesses and identify opportunities. Together with our partners at CGWM, we do have that expertise. In fact, we are among the most experienced independent UK wealth managers in this area.

Fixed interest investing

We also have an industry-leading team specialising in niche fixed interest securities such as permanent interest-bearing shares (PIBS), preference shares and other income-oriented investments available on the stock market.


We provide specialist discretionary investment management services for more than 100 charities and trusts.

You may be a trustee looking after the investments of a charity or foundation. We understand the challenging nature of this responsibility, and have been looking after charitable organisations for many years. We will provide advice and put provisions in place to help meet the objectives in your charity’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

How can we help?

For more details on any of our specialist wealth management services, make an appointment to speak to one of our team about your investment needs.

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Investing in smaller companies, including AIM stocks, carries a higher degree of risk than investing in the more liquid shares of larger companies, so they may be difficult to sell at the time you choose. Investments in smaller companies are more volatile and, while they can offer great potential, growth is not guaranteed.

PIBS are higher risk as they are not very liquid and may be difficult to sell. Also they are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Further information can be obtained from

Where investment is made in currencies other than the investor’s base currency, the value of those investments, and any income from them, will be affected by movements in exchange rates. This effect may be unfavourable as well as favourable.

Our investment services are deemed to be 'restricted' as we do not provide advice in respect of pension or life insurance products. However, we advise all our clients on investments with complete impartiality as we are not tied to any particular product providers.

Investment involves risk and you may not get back what you invest. It’s not suitable for everyone.

Investment involves risk and is not suitable for everyone.